How to be an American Citizen

By Lauren Gideon The original article, “How to be an American Citizen: The Relationship between the Represented and the Representative,” was published in The Cultivated Patriot. There is a lot of confusion these days (and dare I make us all nauseous and use the word “misinformation”), drowning the American citizen. We don’t always know what […]

School Choice Isn’t School Choice: My Argument

By Lauren Gideon I recently wrapped up a year leading Challenge A with Classical Conversations® students. On the last day of community, the students took turns reading their assigned persuasive essays. While each student chose their topic, two had chosen the same topic.  But they chose different sides!   After the second student finished reading his […]

Curating a Vision for Your Homeschool

Lauren Gideon, Director of Public Relations for Classical Conversations®, shares how to curate a vision for your homeschool. Listen as she unpacks her experience of being home-educated and how that has shaped her now as a homeschool parent in this HSLDA Homeschool Talks podcast. Additionally, she and Jim Mason touch on the uniqueness of each […]

Factions & Fractions

by Lauren Gideon As a classical educator, I can’t hide my enthusiasm when I find connections between the disciplines and realize the opportunity to practice the classical tools. To set the stage, we are now walking full steam ahead towards securing the presidential party nominations and the November general election. If you are an active […]

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas

By Lauren Gideon There is something special about childhood. Overlay the beauty and simplicity of childhood with the sacred spectacular atmosphere of the holidays, and that intersection seems nothing short of magical. This wedge, where those two events overlap, is so powerful that grown adults constantly search for ways to replicate that experience and those […]

Liberty in Argentina

By Lauren Gideon It has been about a month since the 2023 elections. As is typical of any election in my lifetime, there was much enthusiasm, effort, passion, and good intentions leading up to the big vote. The races with the most attention in my state were the school board races. You can read my […]

Vote for Liberty

By Lauren Gideon A few people have asked for my recommendations for upcoming school board seats up for election. I know of some good people running, and I will give you their names in a heartbeat because I have much respect for them. However, in the spirit of full disclosure, I am convinced that school […]

National Homeschool Day of Prayer Today!

By Lauren Gideon “. . . she couldn’t see the forest for the trees.” Pray, Pray, and Pray Some More If you are a mom like me, homeschooling is not new to your family’s rhythm. My oldest is a senior, and I have been his primary teacher since he was born. Right now, my prayers […]