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Excellence in Education on Constitution Day

On Constitution Day, September 17, Classical ConversationsĀ® communities around the country will host Excellence in Education (EiE) events.

An EiE event is a wonderful way to give a peek behind the curtain and create a positive perspective for those who might be unfamiliar with homeschooling. Community, church, business, and political leaders are invited to celebrate with the homeschool group.

EiE events are ideally held close to Constitution Day , which is celebrated on September 17 to commemorate the signing of our Constitution in 1787. Naturally, the Constitution of the United States is a great focal point for these EiE events. Students can read the Amendments aloud or enumerate them from memory, debate pressing topics, or diagram challenging language from the Constitution. Similar EiE events may also be held for Veterans Day in November and Presidentsā€™ Day in February, and activities arranged for those events can reflect their respective holidays.

Although this has long been a Classical Conversations event, any homeschool group can celebrate Constitution Day by hosting an event honoring our parental rights and homeschool freedoms. Consider hosting an Excellence in Education event in your community this Constitution Day!

Perhaps you’d even like to take your event to the state Capitol or make it part of your state’s Capitol Day? Not sure how to get started? Here are some ideas.