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Stand Against Proposal to Require Homeschool Registration in Michigan

By Edward Murray

Core to our principles as homeschoolers is the fundamental right to autonomy in educating and discipling our children. However, year after year, representatives introduce legislation that ties homeschooling families to regulation and oversight in how we parent and educate. Even if the proposed law seems minuscule, be aware that once a law is on the books, 99% of the time, it grows, not the reversal.

If you think this isn’t a significant threat, realize that several United States politicians, states, and teachers’ unions are bullish about increasing regulation for homeschoolers. 

For these reasons, we’d like to stand with our friends at HSLDA and oppose Michigan Rep. Matt Koleszar’s proposal to require Homeschool registration. To find out how to join the cause, please click the button below and contact your representative. 

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Edward Murray currently serves as Manager of Special Projects and Research for Classical Conversations and The Homeschool Freedom Action Center. He is a native of Augusta, GA, and an alumnus of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC, where he earned his M.Div. He lives in Newport News, VA, with his wife and three children.