Charlie Kirk Speaks at a Classical Conversations Event

Check out the latest episode from The Charlie Kirk Show, “Is ‘North’ Just an Opinion? LIVE from Classical Conversations with Q+A.”

In this episode, Charlie Kirk “issues a full-throated defense of homeschooling, explaining why an America that gets farther away from God is an America that gets farther away from its Founders, its true commission and national mission statement.” He also clearly reveals how subjective truth brings destruction to individuals and society, adding how to “break the spell of apathy.”

Podcast: Words of Wisdom from a Homeschool Dad with Mike Donnelly

In this episode, Robert and Mike Donnelly discuss a myriad of topics. Learn which segment of the population is the fastest growing among homeschoolers. Hear about the mission, origins, and future of HSLDA, what’s changing in the homeschool movement around the world, and how to stay involved in your child’s education as a homeschool father. Mike expounds on the importance of securing homeschool freedoms, giving examples from Russia and Germany. Mike Donnelly is HSLDA’s Director of Global Outreach and Senior Counsel to members in seven states. He is also an adjunct professor at Patrick Henry College, teaching constitutional law, and a published author and notable speaker, defending homeschooling and educational choice. Listen here and check your state’s current bills.

Podcast: Refining Rhetoric, with Robert Bortins, May 11, 2022

In this episode, Robert Bortins and Michael P. Farris discuss basic human rights, educational choice, and the possible overturn of Roe v. Wade. Robert is the CEO of Classical Conversations and Michael is the founding president of both Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and Patrick Henry College. Today, he serves as chairman of the board of HSLDA, chancellor emeritus of Patrick Henry, and president and CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom. Throughout his career, Michael has defended human rights for freedom of religion and speech, promoted educational choice, and fought for the sanctity of human life.