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OCEANetwork Freedom Watch Advisory Highlights Five Bills for Oregonians

OCEANetwork is tracking five bills pertaining to homeschool freedoms in Oregon.

Four bills relate to school choice (government funding for private education) with a possibility of added regulations later—some with the goal of tracking every student in the state and obtaining their personal data. 

The fifth bill deals with truancy fines for homeschoolers.

Visit OCEANetwork to read more.

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Why Constitutional Home Educators Alliance Doesn’t Support EdChoice

Constitutional Home Educators Alliance gives a myriad of reasons why they don’t support EdChoice. They cite these reasons and more:

  1. EdChoice raises questions regarding funding
  2. Inevitable lawsuits will cost taxpayers
  3. EdChoice attracts fraud
  4. Government funding extends government reach
  5. EdChoice leads to unintended consequences
  6. Real educational liberty “only comes when the government has no control at all”

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Are you still confused, or would you like to learn more? Did you happen to see the video they produced?

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Will Privatized Education Lead to More Freedom?

Education policy reform is sweeping our nation. Debates on vouchers, Educational Savings Plans, and other government-funded enticements abound. Perhaps your state has recently passed such legislation, or maybe it’s on the docket for the upcoming session?

Kevin Novak, a Texas and North Virginia attorney and president of Deconstructing the Coliseum, not only disagrees with voucher and tax credit systems but also advocates the abolishment of government schools. In his op-ed, “The Best Education Policy is No Education Policy,” he writes,

“To be clear, thought freedom does not comport with vouchers, tax credits or any other post-tax mechanism. You cannot shackle a horse and then complain that it does not run like a thoroughbred. We want freedom — of the pre-tax variety. We do not want bureaucrats putting hurdles between our money and our choices.”

He further explains his rationale for the abolition of government schools:

“Why do I assert that civil government schools must be abolished? Because God never gave the civil government the right to use force and coercion to advance thought … If you are repulsed by the civil government mandating that your humanistic neighbor attend church, why are you not repulsed by your humanistic neighbor mandating that your child be exposed to his humanistic lies?”

Novak offers ideas and other possible solutions. You can read the entire op-ed here in The Western Journal.